A branch of our long established business, specialising in temperature controlled structures, we also offer our housing range.

Our knowledge of thermal management/environment, delivers a flexible, modular, structural panel construction system.

Fast build time

Fast build time. Allow 5 weeks from order date, subject to advance orders.

Light weight

Light weight, which has transport capability if required, depending on design.


Complies with building code, consentable if required.

Fully Insulated

Exceeds insulation code by approx. 30%.

Competitive Price

Price. Highly competitive.

Choose from our standard designs from

Single bedroom studio
2 bedroom cabin
2 BR villa
2 BR villa extendable to 4BR
3 BR house
Tiny house shell only. Fitout by yourself or others.
Or your customised design.
C851 Kitchen-Living
C727 - 8 (Medium)
C727 - 7 (Medium)
C851 Outside
C727 - 3 (Medium)
C727 - 1 (Medium)
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